A Public-Key Infrastructure for Key Distribution in TinyOS Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography Open
Advanced Forensic Format: An Open, Extensible Format for Disk Imaging Open
An Open-Source, API-Based Framework for Assessing Correctness of Code in CS50 Open
CS50 Sandbox: Secure Execution of Untrusted Code Open
CodeBlue: An Ad Hoc Sensor Network Infrastructure for Emergency Medical Care Open
Computational Thinking and Assignment Resubmission Predict Persistence in a Computer Science MOOC Open
Computer Science with Theatricality: Creating Memorable Moments in CS50 with the American Repertory Theater during COVID-19 Open
Crypto for Tiny Objects Open
Engaging Students through Video: Integrating Assessment and Instrumentation Open
Exploiting Temporal Consistency to Reduce False Positives in Host-Based, Collaborative Detection of Worms Open
Foreseeing the Endgame: Who Are the Students Who Take the Final Exam at the Beginning of a MOOC? Open
From Cluster to Cloud to Appliance Open
Going Over the Cliff: MOOC Dropout Behavior at Chapter Transition Open
Grading Qualitatively with Tablet PCs in CS 50 Open
Host-Based Detection of Worms through Peer-to-Peer Cooperation Open
Implementing Public-Key Infrastructure for Sensor Networks Open
Low-Power, Secure Routing for MICA2 Mote Open
Microteaching: Semantics, Definition of a Computer, Running Times, Fractal Trees, Classes as Encapsulation, and P vs NP Open
Moving CS50 into the Cloud Open
One Big File Is Not Enough: A Critical Evaluation of the Dominant Free-Space Sanitization Technique Open
Podcasting Computer Science E-1 Open
Rapid Detection of Botnets through Collaborative Networks of Peers Open
Reinventing CS50 Open
Scaling Office Hours: Managing Live Q&A in Large Courses Open
Scratch for Budding Computer Scientists Open
Sensor Networks for Emergency Response: Challenges and Opportunities. Open
Streamlining Grading toward Better Feedback Open
Summary Structures for XML Open
Teaching Academic Honesty in CS50 Open
Toward an Ungraded CS50 Open
Virtualizing Office Hours in CS 50 Open