A Public-Key Infrastructure for Key Distribution in TinyOS Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography Open
Advanced Forensic Format: An Open, Extensible Format for Disk Imaging Open
An Open-Source, API-Based Framework for Assessing Correctness of Code in CS50 Open
CS50 Sandbox: Secure Execution of Untrusted Code Open
CodeBlue: An Ad Hoc Sensor Network Infrastructure for Emergency Medical Care Open
Computational Thinking and Assignment Resubmission Predict Persistence in a Computer Science MOOC Open
Computer Science with Theatricality: Creating Memorable Moments in CS50 with the American Repertory Theater during COVID-19 Open
Crypto for Tiny Objects Open
Engaging Students through Video: Integrating Assessment and Instrumentation Open
Exploiting Temporal Consistency to Reduce False Positives in Host-Based, Collaborative Detection of Worms Open
Foreseeing the Endgame: Who Are the Students Who Take the Final Exam at the Beginning of a MOOC? Open
From Cluster to Cloud to Appliance Open
Going Over the Cliff: MOOC Dropout Behavior at Chapter Transition Open
Grading Qualitatively with Tablet PCs in CS 50 Open
Host-Based Detection of Worms through Peer-to-Peer Cooperation Open
Implementing Public-Key Infrastructure for Sensor Networks Open
Low-Power, Secure Routing for MICA2 Mote Open
Microteaching: Semantics, Definition of a Computer, Running Times, Fractal Trees, Classes as Encapsulation, and P vs NP Open
Moving CS50 into the Cloud Open
One Big File Is Not Enough: A Critical Evaluation of the Dominant Free-Space Sanitization Technique Open
Podcasting Computer Science E-1 Open
Rapid Detection of Botnets through Collaborative Networks of Peers Open
Reinventing CS50 Open
Scaling Office Hours: Managing Live Q&A in Large Courses Open
Scratch for Budding Computer Scientists Open
Sensor Networks for Emergency Response: Challenges and Opportunities. Open
Streamlining Grading toward Better Feedback Open
Summary Structures for XML Open
Teaching Academic Honesty in CS50 Open
Teaching CS50 with AI: Leveraging Generative Artificial Intelligence in Computer Science Education Open
Toward an Ungraded CS50 Open
Virtualizing Office Hours in CS 50 Open