by David J. Malan <>
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Okay, it's Oscartime! Oscartime is a game, written in Scratch, that challenges a player to drag as much falling trash to Oscar's trash can as possible before Oscar finishes singing a classic song. Here's a screenshot:

Go ahead, if you haven't already, and download to, say, your desktop. Then, go ahead and open it within Scratch. Click Scratch's green flag, read the game's instructions, and have yourself just over two minutes of fun! (True fans can even bookmark the Web-based version.)

Oscartime is implemented with nine sprites, each of which uses between one and three threads. Let's explore this tutorial's programmatic constructs in the context of Oscartime so that you understand not only how to play the game but how to implement such a game yourself!

Let's first examine Oscartime's Instructions sprite.

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